Independent Gift Guide ✿ Cardiff / Wales 2023

Independent Gift Guide ✿ Cardiff / Wales 2023

A handpicked selection of my favourite items from local independent makers, artists and small businesses in (and around) Cardiff 

One of the best things about Cardiff is the quantity and quality of the small, local, indie shopping scene. There are so many talented individuals making and selling beautiful things. Honestly, the only difficult thing about making this list was trying to narrow it down (and maybe also cutting out the images).

To make Christmas shopping less impulsive and stressful, I've curated some items I've loved and previously bought, ones made by friends, ones on my personal wishlist, and ones that I will be gifting this Christmas. All made by good folks in Cardiff and surrounding areas. I started by compiling this list for myself, but I thought it would be a good thing to share. Let me know if you like it and would like to see more of this kind of post.

(I've also snuck in one or two of my own products and one I've helped design for other folks... Don't hold it against me!).

Independent Gift Guide Cardiff / South Wales by Sophie Potter

T H E  L I S T

1. Honey Dog Vase by Lucy Dickson, £60

2. The Big Top Beret by GoldFreckles, £36

3. Braque Hoops in Gold Vermeil by Kirstie Maclaren, £130

4. Re-usable Coffee Cup by Hard Lines, £12

5. Mitsubishi HB Pencil Box of 12 from FullStop, £10

6. Winter Orange Drop Earrings by Layla Holzer, £26

7. Fall Pale Pilsner by Wilderness Brewery, £4

8. Toadstool Plushie Cushion by Nelly's Treasures, on sale £9

9. Tulips Holographic Sticker by Sophie Potter, £2.50

10. 70% Drinking Cocoa by Heist Chocolate, £12.50

11. Patchwork Folk Socks by Black & Beech, £18

12. Fforest Essential Oil Blend by Ynys Aroma, £12

13. Rain / Shine Fine Art Print by Sophie Potter, £45

14. Large Flowers Lilac Washi Tape by Mock Up Designs, £3


M O R E  I N F O

1. Honey Dog Vase by Lucy Dickson, £60

I've had to ban myself from looking at Lucy's shop too often as I've pretty much got a small shrine of her products. Her Dog Vase is one of my prized possessions and always gets swooned at when people come over.

2. The Big Top Beret by GoldFreckles, £36

Absolutely iconic knitwear in the best colour palettes made by Saskia, GoldFreckles. My illustrations of women often feature big balloon armed cardigans inspired by her work. The Big Top Beret is a perfect winter warmer for your bestie, or for your own wishlist. 

3. Braque Hoops in Gold Vermeil by Kirstie Maclaren, £130

Classic, modern, luxury handmade earrings are the pinnacle of Christmas gifts, and Kirstie hands down makes the best looking ones around. I'll take the gold vermeil ones, please and thank you.

4. Re-usable Coffee Cup by Hard Lines, £12

Cardiff's most-loved brew slingers have just dropped another banger, their own iconic reusable red cup just in time for Christmas. Use less paper cups, save the planet, drink good coffee. A top notch stocking filler.

5. Mitsubishi HB Pencil Box of 12 from FullStop, £10

It's no secret I am an absolute sucker for Japanese stationery. Would you look at this packaging? Full Stop have a glorious selection of perfectly designed pencils, tapes, notebooks and other goodies to keep stationery geeks very happy.

6. Winter Orange Drop Earrings by Layla Holzer, £26

Layla makes totally dreamy illustrated products, and these orange earrings are a dazzling, cute and modern take on Christmas stocking satsumas. It was a tough one to decide between these earrings and her Lady Krampus Tree Decoration - look it up too!

7. Fall Pale Pilsner by Wilderness Brewery, £4

Not far from Cardiff in mid-Wales, you can find a micro brewery making a treasure trove of wild and natural beers. Friendly beers made by friendly people. I've loved making illustrations for James' offbeat beers, I think they look pretty sweet and make a great gift too. 

8. Toadstool Plushie Cushion by Nelly's Treasures, on sale £9

The perfect blend of 70s colours and soft cosiness, Helen's toadstool cushion is on my wishlist even as an adult. Would also look great in a woodland themed nursery or playroom. An absolute steal currently on sale.

9. Tulips Holographic Sticker by Sophie Potter, £2.50

Plugging my own work but, shiny stickers are back. Cute, illustrated tulips with holographic border to decorate you water bottle, MacBook, fridge - wherever you want a little extra joy. 

10. 70% Drinking Cocoa by Heist Chocolate, £12.50

For cosy wholesome evenings in, Heist's drinking cocoa is the one. At 70% it's perfect with some rich creamy gold top milk, and obviously the packaging is one to proudly display in your kitchen. 

11. Patchwork Folk Socks by Black & Beech, £18

Did you also go through a quilting phase in lockdown? I certainly did. These cosy quilt inspired socks from Black & Beech are as eye catching as they are practical, perfect for adding a little pop of colour to your wardrobe. Pink and red forever.

12. Fforest Essential Oil Blend by Ynys Aroma, £12

Louise is an aromatherapist making beautiful essential oil blends, wax melts and candles inspired by nature from her home on the coast. This Fforest essential oil blend is inspired by the Japanese concept of 'shinrin yoku', otherwise known as forest bathing.

13. Rain / Shine Fine Art Print by Sophie Potter, £45

Another self plug, but I love this print and it's been one of my most popular ones for a few years (for good reason!). Soft, abstract florals, inspired by the cycles of rain and sun. The colours and paper are incredible, and it makes a truly lovely gift for art lovers.

14. Large Flowers Lilac Washi Tape by Mock Up Designs, £3

If you're looking for gorgeous graphic stationery, cards and gift wrap to make your gifts so nice it will be hard to open them, Natalie's got you covered. I love this colour palette and anything with large florals goes straight in the basket. After all your hard work choosing the perfect gifts, don't scrimp on presentation!


Thanks for reading. Hope this helps in your December search for lovely things. If I've missed your products here please be assured it's just because of lack of space, Cardiff's so rich in talent! 


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