Life Drawing: Encouragement and Advice ✿

Life Drawing: Encouragement and Advice ✿

Have you been thinking about going to life drawing sessions? Do you need a little push? It can feel a little daunting but don't worry, I've got your back.

I think of life drawing like Art Medicine. For whatever reason, I don’t always want to do it, but I do always feel miles better after going. So here are ten little snippets of advice and tips I wish I’d got earlier. Take what works for you and leave what doesn't.

  1. You don’t have to be good at drawing to go to life drawing. The most important point! For me at least, the whole aim of Life Drawing sessions is practice, flow state, and having a nice time

  2. There are different types of classes. Choose between a taught class where you get guidance and feedback, or a more relaxed session of just free drawing with set times and poses. Pick whichever works best for you and your brain

  3. If you’re scared to go, take a less nervous friend as a buffer. An offering to the Life Drawing gods, if you will

  4. Don’t want to draw in pencil and charcoal? You don’t have to. Use whatever gives you motivation to make more. When you're learning or trying new things, it's important to follow your nose and do whatever gives you more drive. I love using coloured felt tip pens! The fact you can't spend ages erasing has helped my drawing skills improve massively, it forces me to learn from mistakes and be more deliberate in my mark making

  5. Sometimes mistakes are the most interesting part. Try not to think purely of the outcome, and of making a perfect finished drawing. This is all about trial and error, learning to "see" and maybe, hopefully, finding some joy in unexpected results

  6. If you hate your drawing, look at it again next week. It's the same thing as when you see a bad photo of yourself, most times it’s not as bad as you imagined and you look at it differently with a bit of time

  7. Don’t want to show your work? You don’t have to. It's absolutely not mandatory. You can practice your 'no' here. But also, in general I've found artists to be very supportive and encouraging.

  8. Sometimes sneakily drawing other artists is more fun than drawing the model. This feels like sort of breaking the rules, and is also good practice for drawing clothing and more everyday poses.

  9. Try a few different sessions to find a venue and group you’re comfy in. Not every type of session will be for you! And that's fine.

  10. Think of it a bit like meditation. How often do get the chance to go into a quiet concentrated flow state for two hours? Time always zips by and I generally feel very contented and peaceful afterwards. A real treat. 

I hope this helps encourage if you've been on the fence! My art studio hosts a lovely small, unguided drawing group in Grangetown, Cardiff every fortnight. Join us if you like cosy evenings drawing around the fire. 

Sophie ✿

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