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Sophie Potter

Sherbet Florals Riso Print A3

Sherbet Florals Riso Print A3

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A tangy explosion of colour, texture, shape and neon pinks and reds.

Originally an acryla gouache painting, this 5 colour A3 Riso Print is a wild and semi abstract bouquet of pure colour joy. The neon inks and the unique grainy texture of the riso printing contrasts nicely with the more traditional and soft subject matter. Big fan of this one.

Expertly printed in the UK by Earthbound Press.

What is Riso Printing?
Risograph printing is a low-fi form of 'digital screenprinting'. A little like a photocopier, it creates prints by layering stencils in one colour of ink, which overlap and mix to make unexpected shades. The work is often bold and bright, almost neon. Riso prints are low-fi and therefore able to be offered at a lower price point, but are not as lightfast as Giclée prints.

Please Note: Riso prints may have slight misalignment of inks, roller marks or ink dragging.

- Riso Print

- Size: A3 (297 x 420mm), Unframed

- Colours may vary on screen

- Free UK delivery

- Signed in pencil

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